About Us:

FCCP (PTY) Ltd was formed in 1976 and we trade in a wide variety of components and products on a wholesale and indent basis. We are situated in Midrand, (midway between Johannesburg and Pretoria) and even though this does allow us to supply and service our customers in the business hub area of Gauteng known as the industrial nucleus of South Africa, our strong logistical set up and capabilities allow us to supply and service customers country wide and outside our borders as well.  

FCCP (PTY) Ltd is a leading supplier of office furniture components and products, which we import and distribute from our own warehouse. Our Customs approved, bonded warehouse allows us to supply our customers in a manner that is cost and time efficient.

We are exclusive agents and distributors for several market leading brand names from Europe and Asia and other parts of the world. Through constant and continuous supplier updates and regular company and trade exhibitions, we offer a distinct and complete service keeping up and leading with all the latest trends in office furniture componentry and products.

Further to this our trade also includes the importing and distribution of a wide range of genuine leather/bonded leather hides, which are used in the office furniture and general upholstery fields. We also trade as agents in a variety of yarns  and fibres, which are used in South Africa for the manufacturing of various textiles ranging from a variety of general products to very specialized products. We represent market leading companies from South Korea , Taiwan, Indonesia and Turkey.

We also supply automotive fabrics to the South African Automotive industry.

FCCP (PTY) Ltd endeavours to add value to our customers and our suppliers’ businesses and by trading ethically and honourably, we are able to thereby establish strong relationships with both customers and suppliers. We take pride in offering an excellent product at competitive prices with great service and continuity of products.

The components and products FCCP supplies also comply to the necessary standards of quality recyclability and are environmentally friendly.